Pureco Group

Special devotion and professionalism in the fields of drinking water purification, communal and industrial wastewater and landfill leachate treatment, ground water remediation, stormwater collection, treatment and storage and air treatment define our activities. PURECO GROUP and its partners believe that the best solution can be born with a strong cooperation and collaboration. This philosophy and our excellence, reliability, professionalism let Pureco to be unique in the market and provide a fully customized and innovative solutions in all aspects of water management.

We know and highly respect water. We develop optimal and cost-effective, long-life solutions in order to keep our waters safe, focusing on added value and sustainability. We are an international company with offices in Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria and Ghana and we are also present in Asia and Middle-East throughout our projects.

Our experts in the different segments of the water industry possess an outstanding professional and innovative knowledge, which have been known and recognized in many parts of the world. Our CEOs play important roles in national and international organizations (European Water Association, Eurasian ASEM Water Academic Development Committee, etc.) and have been working for several years for the worldwide recognition of the Hungarian professional knowledge in the field of complex water management.

We believe in people

with our highly qualified and experienced colleagues we are able to provide customized solutions in order to bring you the added value in the following core fields of water management:

PURECO is offering a variety of tailored service levels in view of the importance of the integration. We work with you, focusing to keep your system running at maximum performance and at the lowest cost of ownership from the raise of your idea, through Design, Implementation, Operation and Maintenance. PURECO GROUP products and technologies are extremely durable, they are fast and easy to install, and later they offer effective cleaning, maintenance and operational capabilities. Our innovative, patented solutions in the field of stormwater management are unique and unmatched. In addition to the products, the installation methods are also environment-friendly, economical and efficient. We are proud that our professional technical knowledge and experience could provide a healthier environment for more hundreds of thousands of people!